About Us

The Global Leader in Turnkey Solutions & Services for Experience Destinations


VENU+ means more… More excitement, more engagement, more convenience and more revenue. As the leading provider of comprehensive gaming, entertainment, souvenir, mobility and storage solutions for the world’s top hospitality hotspots, VENU+ helps take your venue to the next level by adding brand-new profit pathways and amplifying your overall guest experience. We deliver customizable programs, products and services − including ScooterPals® Fur-Wheelers, kiddie rides, crane and claw machines, penny presses, medallions, video and novelty games, turnkey game rooms, mobility rentals (strollers, ECVs, wheelchairs and wagons), smart lockers and much more – specifically designed to transform your venue into an even more immersive, enjoyable, memorable “experience destination.” Plus, our unmatched offerings cater to high-traffic areas, thus ensuring seamless experiences for visitors and risk-free revenue for you − all without you lifting a finger. More impact, less effort. That’s the power of VENU+.


What started decades ago as three separate niche entities – CTM Group, ScooterBug and Best Lockers – has now evolved to become a singular industry-leading powerhouse that is so much more than the sum of its parts: VENU+. We are driven by a shared vision to create innovative products, seamless services, patented platforms and turnkey solutions — all backed by advanced technology and expert knowledge of what drives the industry — to help the world’s top destinations elevate their profit margins and their overall guest experience.

In short, we deal in making guest experiences more fun, convenient, accessible and memorable, all while making our program partners more revenue. From arcade games, prizes and augmented reality rides to souvenirs, smart storage and mobility, we deliver the most comprehensive, hassle-free turnkey programs to suit every type of venue. Get more out of your experience destination with VENU+.


“Sustainability” is not just a word; it is a way of life and a way of doing business. We consider sustainability to be a critical part of doing business, right along with delivering excellent products, superior customer service and increased reVENUe for our clients. We are here for the long term, not the quick profit. We believe that a commitment to sustainability is one that is necessary, not only for economic success, but also for the health of future generations.
Our Green Team continually strives to identify areas for improvement and innovation. We understand that “going green” is a journey that will continue to evolve. As a global leader in our space, we like to set an example for the industry and as such, are dedicated to staying abreast of best green practices.